LA Trip 2019 Part1

Last weekend was completely jam-packed with new adventures, which I will be blogging about throughout these next few weeks. I would clump them all into one blog but I went with my family to Universal Studios, California Adventure, and Disneyland so that might turn into a ten-page essay aha.

Entering Universal

For my first blog post, I’ll be talking about our first day of the three day trip to LA. We left Turlock at around 5:30 and arrived at Universal Studios as the gates were opening. Being Memorial weekend, it was pretty packed but nothing too crazy or overwhelming.

In total, we had a party of nine people including my: mom, dad, two brothers, and their spouses, my nephew, and my fiance Sam. Thankfully we took two cars or that ride would’ve been more packed than Universal Studios was. This was our first time returning back to the theme park after the Harry Potter Instalment was created and it was definitely worth the wait.

Hogwarts Castle!

The overall architect was breathtaking and made me feel like I was actually in the movie. The buildings and decorations were so movie quality that I wasn’t sure how the workers in that section would look, they also didn’t disappoint. They looked like they were extras from the movies but there were so many people cosplaying (dressing up as characters from movies, shows, books, etc) that were also well put together that it was hard to tell who was a worker and who was another guest like us. There was even a Hagrid which I couldn’t tell if he was a worker or just a really good cosplayer.

Butter Beer Stache

I had a lot of friends that have gone to the Harry Potter World and told me, when I finally go, to try the Butter Beer. So I did.

Sidenote, I don’t like to drink beer or alcohol in general but after finding out that the drink could be served without alcohol, I was sold. I tried it and it was definitely worth the $8 my brother paid aha. It was smooth and went down really well. The flavor was rich and almost tasted like a cream soda but better, and that’s coming from a guy that loves cream soda.

So like my friends would say, if you go to Harry Potter World, you gotta try the Butter Beer for sure.

After having my fill and taking a whole lot of pictures, we went on to explore what else was around Universal Studios.

Hollywood Tour

We went on the Studio Tour, which was really fun because I haven’t been on it since they installed the Fast and Furious portion of the tour. That portion alone made the tour, at least to me, way better. I might be biased because I enjoy the Fast and Furious movies, if you didn’t already know from my car shows aha.


After the tour, we split up and Sam (my fiance) and I went around taking pictures and went on a few rides like the kiddy rides back in Harry Potter World and the Mummy ride. We stopped and got some pasta at Luigi’s Pizza and Pasta in Simpson’s Land, which was really really good. The pasta was fresh and the meatballs were huge! I wish I took a picture but we were so hungry and definitely didn’t have the time for a premeal selfie.

Baby Mummy?

After refueling, we met up with everyone and went on the Despicable Me ride, the Mummy again, the Transformers Ride, and then ended off with back once again in theĀ Harry Potter World to ride the big ride in Hogwarts. Being out first of three days in the theme parks, we tried not to get burnt out too fast but this first day was filled with walking, waiting, and sightseeing.

Enjoy some pics I took and stay on the lookout for next week’s post about our day at California Adventure.

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