A little less Wiser

If you don’t follow me on my Instagram, then that’s a shame, but if you do then you already know why this title is so funny.

So this past Wednesday I had my ONE wisdom tooth removed, which wasn’t too bad but it was still a trip. I put one is caps to show people that I didn’t just get one removed but instead only ONE developed.

I’m not sure why I thought about blogging about my trip to the dentists but I did right after I got home. The only catch to this blog post is that I said if I wrote about my day, it would have to be told as if it was a hero’s journey, so without further ado…here is my journey.

It was bright and early on the third day of the week while our hero’s eyes slowly opened and his arm reached out for his phone. After bringing life to it and seeing his calendar, our hero remembered, today was the day. The day that he dreaded more than ever. The day that had to come but came faster than he could’ve ever anticipated.

As our hero beclothed himself and brushed his pearly whites, he descended into the belly of his home and was ready to eat. His father reminded him that he would have to restrain himself from both water and food until the dead was done. Our hero’s stomach made a noise like a dying deer crying for help.

After the two travelled to the City of Modesto, they arrived at a desolate scene of an empty lot with no life in sight. The trees stood still and the flowers drooped low as if they were showing sympathy for our hero. As the huge wooden door flew open, our hero was escorted inside. As he filled out paperwork to approve his procedure, he waited for his princess to arrive. She did just in time.

As she sat beside him the office door slowly opened and a voice that said, “Sir Andrew of Turlock, your time has come.” And at that moment the hero got up and walked down the labyrinth of halls to his chamber.

He took his seat and was prepared but something about it felt off. As the man with the white cloak attached wires and ropes around our hero, it seemed as if he were about to drain him of his life. The cords intertwined with his legs as if they are snakes slithering up and down his feet. The brace on his right arm restricted him from breaking free from this torture that was to come.

A cold blade was inserted into our hero’s deep blue veins, causing him to flinch with pain. As his once pureblood was being mixed with these liquids, that were made to ease his pain, were added to his stream he felt powerless. His arm went numb and a cooling sensation overtook the right side of his body.

“Bring me, my princess. I need to see her one last time,” he said to the man.

She came and said, “You will be fine, be strong.” They shared a passionate kiss that warmed him up like a fresh summer’s day.

After she left, a voice came to him and said, “Are you ready for the silly juice?” To this, our hero didn’t know how to respond other than with a question in return.

Our hero asked, “Have any of your previous patients remembered or dreamt of anything during this time?”  But by then the juice was already flowing deep within his veins.

As he looked straight, the walls started to peel as if it were a snake that was shedding its skin. The world felt slow and he was unable to move. He sat back into his chair and was gone.

So that was my attempt to an epic hero’s journey style blog, I hoped you liked it and I hope I did it right aha. As you already know, I woke up and was fine. But everything I said did really happen, the walls were peeling and it felt crazy. One minute I was awake in one room and the next I was in another completely finished with the operation.

My swelling has gone down pretty fast, which is good because yesterday I had my last group presentation and I had to soldier through it.

I don’t have a car show coming up until next weekend but this weekend will be packed with dance shows that I will be helping with. I’ll be posting that up later this weekend but for now, just check in and see what I’m up to on my Instagram @flapjackjeremy, don’t ask about the IG handle. Just accept it.

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